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How fast after a concussion should I start treatment?

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

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How fast after a concussion should I start treatment?

Many people still believe rest is the best way to treat a concussion.

This advice has been around for a long time and is still advised by many doctors.

However, for many years the research has shown rest beyond 2-3 days to not be beneficial and can actually be detrimental to recovery!

In fact, new research supports starting a concussion rehabilitation programme as soon as possible to help speed up recovery, reduce the chances of complications and prevent an unnecessarily longer recovery.

So, what does a concussion rehabilitation programme look like?

That all depends on what the assessment finds. The assessment will look at the vestibular-ocular system, blood flow abnormalities, structural changes in muscle tensions and any whiplash issues which are common alongside a concussion. From these finding a tailored concussion programme will be put in place.

As such, the rehabilitation programme will include any or all of the following:

· vestibular-ocular rehabilitation

· physiotherapy

· diet and nutrition

· exercise therapy

· education and reassurance

Depending on your needs, further testing will take place to help determine when it is safe for you to return to contact sports and reduce the chances of secondary impact syndrome.

If you have any questions surrounding concussion, or need treatment for yourself or someone you know, just get in touch to see how the Dizziness, Balance & Concussion Centre can help.

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