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11 tips to stay safe when dizzy!

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Dizziness, Balance & Concussion Centre - tips to stay safe when dizzy
11 tips to stay safe when dizzy

11 tips to stay safe when dizzy!

- Remove trip hazards – rugs, wires, clutter etc. - Keep a flash light near your bed, use night lights in halls etc. to light the way if you need the bathroom at night – harder to balance in the dark - Have a shower sitting down (shower stool) – take care tilting head back for hair washing - Use handrails on the stairs, grab rails in the bath/ shower - Take care walking past the top of stairs – the opening can throw balance off and lead to a fall - Stand up from chairs and get out of bed slowly – steady yourself before moving off - Avoid caffeine, alcohol, drugs (non-prescription, check prescription drugs aren’t the cause) and tobacco – can make dizziness worse - Avoid triggers that make the dizziness worse – e.g. moving quickly, patterns, noise - Stay hydrated – dehydration can make dizziness worse - but don't over do it as then you’ll be rushing to the bathroom! - Use a grabber – this helps avoid having to bend down if you drop something - Ask someone to get the pots and pans, clothing etc. out of the lower drawers/ shelves to a more comfortable level

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