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Award winning clinic dedicated to the management and treatment of vertigo, dizziness, balance and concussion disorders - working with you to get the best outcomes and living a balanced life as quickly as possible. 

Dizziness affects people of all ages leading to absence from work, changes in daily routine, hobbies, loss of control, isolation and falls. Unfortunately, many doctors do not have the time or experience to manage and treat the condition successfully, which leads to many people suffering unnecessary for weeks, months or even years.


Concussion is classed as a mild traumatic brain injury, mostly associated (but not exclusively) with head trauma. Managed correctly, concussion can be treated successfully with a successful return to daily, work and sporting activity.  

At the Dizziness, Balance & Concussion Centre we aim to improve the understanding and treatment of dizziness and concussion while helping to improve the quality of life of those who suffer with such conditions. 

What People Are Saying

What a relief to be able to talk so someone who understands and has the time to explain about dizziness and strange symptoms associated with it. After a few months of treatment I feel better than I have done for 7 years. Thank you so much DB&CC.

Before finding the Dizziness, Balance & Concussion Centre I had seen numerous GP’s, ENT’s and Neurologists without getting a diagnosis I was confident with. None of these seemed to take the time or use in-depth tests to find out the real problem. John at the dizziness clinic couldn’t have been more different. He took real time, patience and understanding to get to the route of the dizziness with a real genuine interest in trying to help me get better. I cannot recommend him enough

Couldn’t ask for a better service really. I went in with concussion, whiplash and dizziness. John straight away worked his magic and after leaving on the first day I felt better already. After 4-5 sessions I feel back to myself with a lot of knowledge about what to do if any of my pains come back. Highly recommended from me. Thanks john.

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If you prefer, send us an e-mail at info@dizzinesstherapy.co.uk or call 07401 842311.

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Want to know more


Want to know more


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About Us

I have been treating patients with dizziness and concussion related conditions since 2011 and have a passion in getting people back to living a full and active life.

After qualifying as a physiotherapist in 2006 at the University of Huddersfield, my career has seen me practice in various settings, from the NHS, BUPA and private clinics in Toronto. I have successfully completed Advanced Physical Therapist Course at the University of Pittsburgh - a centre with a great reputation in this field. 


Over the years I have realised that treatment options and care available to patients with dizziness and concussion issues are lacking. For many it takes months, or even years, to get a proper assessment and effective treatment - meaning people are suffering unnecessarily rather than enjoying their lives to the fullest. 


Concussion is a hot topic, but often mismanaged and misunderstood in the medical community and media. Many medical training courses do not cover concussion effectively, meaning the advice given is to rest - whereas, the research shows there is a lot more to it than that.  

The Dizziness, Balance & Concussion Centre, was set up to help people suffering from dizziness, unbalance and concussion and get them living a full and active life as quickly as possible.

Contact me to discuss any concerns or issues relating to dizziness or concussion and start your recovery today!   

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How to get here

Dizziness, Balance & Concussion Centre is located in G Mill, Dean Clough, Halifax, HX3 5AX

Parking is available on Corporation Street and there is disabled access at the G Mill Entrance. 

On arrival please call the clinic on 07401 842311 and I will bring you through to the clinic. 

Should you have any issues, need direction please do not hesitate to call 07401 842311 for help

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